Spotlight: Pirates
Shiver me timbers! There be Pirate treasures for you to pillage. Print coloring pages, download a desktop, and play the game!
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Daily Word Search
Every day of the year we have a new word search puzzle for you to solve. Find words quickly to improve your score. Compete for the day's best score.
Daily Sudoku
If you enjoy sudoku puzzles you will love our new interactive Sudoku game. Try to get the fastest time of the day! There's a new puzzle each day!
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Quizzes are fun. So, we're happy to be able to provide you with a new quiz every day. Even if you don't know the answers to every question, you're sure to learn something every time you play!


Interactive Playground

Now Available on iPhone:
Mr. Elephant's Matching Game

It has been redesigned with fifty unique levels organized in three levels of difficulty. Card sets include: animals, letters, numbers, colors, sports, fish, fruit, and many more.


Wordsearch Machine
With this helpful tool, members can create printable word search puzzles quickly and easily. All you need is a list of words, and this handy tool will do the rest!
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