Best Karen Millen Dresses 2014 New Arrivals

Karen Millen was founded in 1981, with its unique positioning in the field of fashion style place , with karen millen dresses minimalist luxury quality and price , has become a unique international brands. As a successful example of British fashion , Karen Millen dresses has provided a sense of luxury and glamor of high fashion and the famous glow for women around the world.

Karen Millen outlet store is located in the heart of Beijing 's Chaoyang District, Grass Mall , covering 310 square meters, the brand has always been adhering to the elegant and luxurious Brinkworth design. Warm tones and natural high gloss black glass rocks in stark contrast, so shop with a full sense of luxury ; innovative lighting and furniture design , the elegant smoked chrome modifications , together with the compact design of the LED display window and a patchwork of glass plate , maximizing the taste of the karen millen shop ; wooden stairs to the transition from the main exhibition area accessories , exquisite mirror bezel with spacious seating, bring customers home shopping experience.

The karen millen dress store is carefully crafted garments District , shoes and accessories District area , including all the modern wardrobe classic styles, customers can enjoy the selection . Space around all been playing open window , displays Karen Millen Dresses new spring and summer 2014 clothing. Karen Millen dresses 2014 spring and summer series shows neutral but very feminine emotions, bold precise tailoring, clever use of military and equestrian elements have a winter floral pattern formation , and complex surface texture blending ornate decorative deep color, food for thought.

Karen Millen dress is quickly becoming a worldwide unique positioning , purchase convenient, design -oriented luxury fashion brand. Karen Millen highly anticipated debut in Beijing is an important measure of the brand 's global expansion , to enter the Chinese market, a milestone.

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Karen Millen
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