Welcome to the "My Stuff" section of LearningPlanet.com. This is where members are able to create their own custom learning activities, find a shared activity, and manage account information.

To see an example of the many customization features available to members, click one of the following menu choices.

List - Members can view a list of their custom-made activities. From this list it is possible to edit/change/delete an activity or assign it to a student. Click to see an example.

Create - Members can choose from one of several custom activity tools to create a unique learning activity.
Click to see an example.

Share - Have you created a great activity that you would like to share with other users? Members can submit it here to share it with other members. Click to see an example.

Search - Members can locate an activity from the database of activities created by other members. Click to see an example.

My Account - Manage your account. Change your information, renew your subscription, etc.



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