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Individual student accounts

Each student has an account
Parents and teachers can keep track of each of their students using a simple student list. Each student on the list will have the ability to access the site from anywhere on the internet.

New games like Rocketeer

New types of interactive learning activities
In addition to the existing games, You will have access to our latest and greatest learning activities. These activities are not available on the free site, or anywere else in the world.

Searchable database

A searchable database of activities
Hundreds of activities are organized by subject and grade level, and you can search the content in the activities to find exactly what you're looking for.

Student interface

An enhanced student interface
Students can find activities quickly and easily using an organized graphical interface. Activities are provided at the student's grade level, and specific assignments can be made by the parent or teacher.

Powerful activity editor

Custom activities
Parents and teachers can create interactive quizzes and puzzles using our simple content-editing tools. This allows for a high level of integration with existing curriculum materials.

Performance Reports

Score Tracking
When students complete a learning activity, the results are stored, including the score, the time spent, and the number of times the activity has been completed. This is very helpful for keeping track of student progress.

Families and small classrooms with five or fewer students can subscribe for only $39.95 per year.

Teachers wishing to use in the classroom requiring a 30 student account can subscribe for only $99.95 per year.

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We have created a set of tools we think you will love to use with your students! Here are a few of the many things you will be able to do:

Provide your students with access to hundreds of online learning activities.
Make your own Interactive Quizzes.
Make your own Interactive Puzzles.
Create one or more student accounts.
Give unique assignments to each student.
Monitor student progress and get reports about student work.
Print worksheets and activities.
Use enhanced versions of your favorite games.
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